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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  July 1, 2011 3:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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that their case is in trouble. they say the accuser here, their main witness, has a credibility problem. as a result, strauss-khan is no longer under house arrest, but authorities do still have his passport. now, prosecutors say they are not dropping charges, at least not yet. this thing gets a whole lot deeper, but i want to take it step by step. starting in new york with my colleague, cnn's richard ross. richard, i have a bunch of questions for you, but, first, what is it that caused the prosecution today to go into court and notify the judge and strauss-khan's attorneys that the case against him which is potentially fatally compromised? >> reporter: the prosecution said that in follow-up interviews with the alleged sex assault victim, that hotel maid, that there were inconsistencies in her descriptions and stories and her history and that at times she admitted that she lied because of other circumstances. enough that, of course, legally
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they were required to probably come forward regarding the bail application. they knew that was going to be made by dominique strauss-khan, but they knew they had to get ahead of this and stories were going to come out. but what the issue is, is no matter what happened in that hotel room, does she have enough credibility to convince a jury which has to convict or not based on the evidence to prove what the prosecution alleges. and that's what it really comes down to. so, the charges still remain at this point against strauss-khan. >> but quite a bit of drama this morning outside the courthouse, as i said, you know, this whole story gets deeper. because here's what happens, the accuser's lawyer turned up outside court. he accused the d.a. of being scared to lose the case. he spoke of family connections between the district attorney's office and strauss-khan's lawyers. and the big thing here, he said regardless of any credibility issues, as richard was just outlining there, his client was raped, pure and simple. and this is graphic stuff. i want to play some sound, richard roth, let's listen
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together. >> the only defense that dominique strauss-khan is that this sexual encounter was consensual, that is a lie. he grabbed her vagina with so much force that he bruised her vagina. when she went to the hospital later that day, the nurses who examined her saw the bruises on her vagina that were caused by dominique strauss' hand, and they took pictures of the bruises on her vagina, and the district attorney has those pictures. when dominique strauss-khan threw the victim to the floor, he tore a ligament in her shoulder, that is a medical fact. dominique strauss-khan ripped her stockings. there are holes, rips, in her stockings, and the d.a. knows that. when she was on her knees and he was sexually assaulting her, after he finished, she got up
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and started to run for that door. and started spitting dominique strauss-khan's semen out of her mouth in disgust, all over that hotel room. she spit his semen on the wall. she spit it on the floor. and guess what? as soon as her supervisor came upstairs, she saw that. the security staff at the sofitel, they saw that. the detectives of the nypd, they saw that, and there was a prosecutor from the district attorney's office who went into that hotel room on the day it happened, and she showed him where the semen was. >> told you it was graphic. richard roth, back out to you, i (% ask you straight up here, has anything been offered in court or perhaps even leaked by the prosecution to suggest the accuser here just totally fabricated this story about this alleged rape? >> reporter: not about this specific facts or details of
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whatever happened in that hotel sofitel room, luxury suite. but her attorney is coming out there, knowing what has been reported and was hinted at in court. in a filing by the prosecution they're saying that this hotel maid had a phone call with a prison inmate, a drug dealer, the lawyer for the hotel maid said she didn't know it was a drug dealer, she didn't know it was being recorded, and she's asking him right after this whole thing went down this weekend, what should she do, should she pursue charges against dominique strauss-khan? other stories in the filing by the prosecution, the pattern of the inconsistencies is that she claims she immediately reported it to the hotel supervisor. instead according to the prosecution, she now admits she went to another room and cleaned it and didn't wait in the hallway, and then decided to call a hotel supervisor. lied about being gang raped back in guinea, now her attorney said she was scared when she decided she needed asylum in the united
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states. she's trying to champion her. he said his client has come forward with new information for the district attorney which is grist for the defense which would tear her apart on the witness stand. was she raped in the hotel? it's possible. but if there are enough lies or inconsistencies in her background, that would not play well with a potential jury. >> yeah, all the details and the questions that arise from the details would have eamerican me today. after we heard from the allege's victim's attorney we heard and ripped cyrus vance, ripped him a new one, my question is this, did he do anything to rebut the charges that, "a," a rape did, in fact, occur or, "b," richard, juu$e case? >> reporter: definitely wanted to try to get ahead of this. he said, look, we have protected this victim despite what her own attorney was saying where she was screamed at by prosecutor, what he alleged in that long appearance before the court. he's saying we have to follow
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the evidence. we have to follow what she said. she said enough to the cops so that they dragged dominique strauss-khan off that air france jet. he said, we're still -- the case still stands. the next appearance for dominique strauss-khan confirmed a few hours ago by the district to attorney's office, july 18th. but the difference is he won't be wearing the ankle bracelet and he'll be flying in from california, and he won't be going to france because they took his passport. >> you mentioned his house arrest rescinded, what are the immediate plans beyond or, let's say, before that july 18th court date? >> reporter: yes. sorry to get ahead of you there. look, the family says they're deciding what to do right now. >> yeah. >> reporter: he's in a very expensive, rented tribeca townhouse where people have been staking out. but now he is -- you know, he could go anywhere. i'm sure he wants to take a break from the cocoon he's been in and how he would celebrate the july 4th weekend, independence day, as the defense
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attorney noted, emblematic of the freedom that his attorney says dominique strauss-khan should be granted in light of the conflicting stories of her past by the hotel maid who has lobbed these very serious accusations against the french financier. >> but will the charges ultimately be dropped? that's the big question, the answer we do not know yet. richard, excellent job for us in manhattan. thank you so much, sir, for that. you've heard him described as the head of the immf, the international monetary fund, who resigned in the wake of this rape allegation. but what some folks may have missed here is that this man was on the way to potentially running for president back in france, and jim bittermann tells us in the wake of all of these developments in new york, he might still do it. >> reporter: some of the leading socialists here, the socialist party, of course, is dominique strauss-khan's party, they've been reacting after this brief court hearing this afternoon perhaps a little prematurely
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some respects because of the fact that charges against strauss-khan are still out there. his passport has not been restored, the only thing that has changed are his bail conditions. but nonetheless, some of the socialists are taking it to mean that the charges will eventually be dropped against him. one said there's a lesson in all this, and the lesson is that we should not react emotion, but we should employ reason instead. and another one of the leading socialists here said i think a page has been turned. the mud slide on behalf of the press, the endless comments, the statements made about dsk, about us being the socialist party, his entourage and the criticism, saying we've protected a rapest, it's all collapsed. all of it hasn't collapsed because the case hasn't been tried yet. one leading socialist said there's enormous relief that the bail conditions have changed somewhat, now it remains to be seen how it proceeds from here. there's some here who expect it could be possible for strauss-khan to come back and
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restore his political career and perhaps even run for president in the 2012 election. jim bittermann, cnn, paris. some people speculated he was so ill that he was on his deathbed, but hugo chavez, shows up on television. what the venezuelan president is saying about his own health and his political future. that's next. plus, much of the world wants this man gone, but moammar gadhafi's daughter said he's not going anywhere. vowing he will work with the devil to stay put. we'll be right back. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say.
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love the nubs! [ male announcer ] want to pump up your gas mileage? come to meineke for our free fuel-efficiency check and you'll money. my choice. my meineke. united states nemesis hugo chavez does have cancer and he is being treated in cuba after
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days of silence. the venezuelan leader addressed his people from havana where he said the news of his cancer was personally delivered to him by cuba's fidel castro. chavez hasn't been seen since june 18th sparking rumors and questions about his leadership of south america's biggest oil producer. the 56-year-old leader looks less vibrant than usual, and there is no current word as to when he plans to return home to venezuela. one of mow har gadhafi's staunchest supporters, his own daughter is going public. ayesha gadhafi gave an interview to cnn afill that france 2, she explained why her father will not be driven out of libya. >> translator: the word of departure, departure, what i find strange is where you would like him to go? this is his country, his land, his people. where would he go? there is one thing that you don't under astand is that my
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father is a symbol, a guide. >> cnn's david mckenzie live for me in tripoli. and, david, we know that, you know, despite the international criminal court's issue this past monday the arrest warrants for gadhafi, his daughter plays down any suggestion that her father would ever leave his homeland, but let's talk about timing. because we don't often hear from her. why are we hearing from her now? >> reporter: well, i think the government here, brooke, is trying to give a sort of pr push as it were, going to selected broadcasters, talking to selected audience, in this case, the french public, you know, the gadhafi government is up in arms about the french government admitting that they are dropping weapons to rebels southwest of the capital here, and certainly, brooke, they're trying to get across the message that gadhafi is strong and he's not going anywhere. one important thing that ayesha gadhafi said is that the family is tightly knit.
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certainly in the early days of the conflict there were word and rumors whether the family would split and sort of potentially take over at the expense of mow har moammar gadhafi. we just got back from the green square, certainly the biggest crowd we've seen here in tripoli for some time, and moammar gadhafi got on the airwaves with a message, he effectivity threatened revenge on nato countries and likened the revenge of the libyan people to a swarm. >> not only were we hearing from his daughter, we're also hearing from him on the radio. let me ask you this, though, ayesha gadhafi, and this is a quote that's gotten a lot of traction, we're ready to ally ourselves with the devil with the rebel army, end quote, to end the bloodshed. how -- the devil equated with rebel army, how is that being interpreted both where you are in tripoli and also among rebel forces? >> reporter: well, it's very
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hard to get a sense of what e r everyday people here in trimly are saying because we're not allowed out of the hotel. if we're taken somewhere, we're taken with government minders. if we slip away, we're getting a sense of what people are saying. but it's very unclear where the loyalties of people lie. certainly the government has said time and time again that they are talking to third-party countries with the rebels. ayesha gadhafi said they're in direct talks. we've seen no concrete proof of that and the government certainly wants to put across that they're trying to resolve the situation. i don't know if we have sound there, but i would like to play a little bit about what moammar gadhafi said just recently at the square, so let's take a listen -- >> translator: people of libya, might exceed your houses and offices, your families, all of them will be fair military targets. the same way you turned our offices, our headquarters, our house, our children, you turn them to legitimate military
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targets. we will treat you the same. eye for ear, ear for an ear, a drop for a drop. a family for a family. a house for a house. a headquarter for a headquarter. if we decided, we are able to move to europe like locusts, like bees. >> reporter: well, brooke, certainly a typical kind of angry rant there from moammar gadhafi, but significant because he's directly threatening european homes and civilians because of the nato campaign. brooke? >> very angry, and the sheer number of people at the square, wow. david mckenzie, appreciate it. for folks in minnesota, state parks, racetracks, all closed after a budget stalemate shuts down the government. republicans refusing to tax the millionaires. democratic governor refuses to cut social programs. >> on politics, it's turned into a sport rather than working to
3:17 pm
solve a problem. >> is minnesota perhaps more of a microcosm for what's happening in the nation's capital? that's coming up. plus this -- we'll listen to that, the royal newlyweds wowing crowds in canada. prince william speaking his best french. but let's face it, all people really care about is what princess kathryn is wearing, and i'll admit to it, i'm kind of paying attention as well. i'll talk to tlc's "say yes to the dress" about kate's fashion choices, coming up. i can't wa, throw 'em away and never see them again. [ male announcer ] know the feeling? get the contacts you've got to see to believe. acuvue® oasys brand contact lenses with hydraclear® plus technology, keeping your eyes exceptionally comfortable all day long. it feels like it disappeared on my eye. [ male announcer ] discover why it's the brand eye doctors trust most for comfort. if you have astigmatism,
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the political showdown over taxes claims a victim. have you heard about this? minnesota state government shut down at 12:01 this morning. democrats and republicans just couldn't reach a compromise over the budget. sounds familiar? here is minnesota's governor mark dayton. >> but there's one basic difference remains. they don't want to raise revenues on anybody, and i believe the wealthiest minnesotans can afford to pay more in taxes. >> rachel covers politics for "the star tribune" she's good enough to join me from st. paul. here's my first question, we've just heard from the governor. we're hearing this in many different states and washington very much so included, part of the national conversation. lawmakers willing to budge. in your state specifically, and you may not have an answer, but i have to ask, how long could the shutdown last? and put it in perspective, how many state workers, how many
3:21 pm
programs are affected here? >> well, we honestly don't know how long it could last, and that's part of the uncertainty of this. as soon as they reach a budget deal, we're done. we can put government back together and put all the pieces working again. you know, they have been meeting intensely over the last week. we're already a month past our legislative session. they just couldn't get it done. who knows? how do you change people who are one side says we must tax, the other side says absolutely not. we must do some deeper cuts. you know, does politics change in a really hot, dry summer? we don't know. there are probably about 20,000 workers out of their jobs. state parks are closed. you know, right now, actually, over in our judicial center, people are pleading for different funding for child care or for disabled services, just to make sure that they have enough money to survive, so there's a lot of impacts that are being felt broadly and widely. >> you mentioned the number, 20,000, 20,000 state workers getting ready for life without paychecks, but others are aff t affected here as well, i want to
3:22 pm
listen to one minnesota state this is what this person is saying about all this -- >> a sad commentary on politics, it's turned into a sport rather than working to solve a problem. >> is this stalemate, you know, rachel, is it more ideological? you have this governor, democrat, elected january 1st, you know, republican-controlled state legislature, i mean, what prompted lawmakers to really hold so firm here? >> well, i think frankly, both the democratic governor, mark dayton, and the republican lawmakers, are holding firm, and a lot of us who have been watching this for a while sort of saw shades of this the moment the voters left the polls in november. you know, our gubernatorial race went to a recount, since we're kind of familiar with since we just had a recount with the senate race a little while ago, we have a very divided public. and what you get when you have a divided public is a divided government, and those two sides don't easily bridge. so, we've seen this, you know, from -- it's sort of a slow-moving train that everyone hoped wasn't going to come down the track, but here we are.
3:23 pm
>> so, here we are, final question, and then i'll let you go, i know the government will be shut down for the weekend, but does that mean both sides will continue talking and trying to hash this thing out? if you could predict, who do you think will blink first? >> right now, i don't see any blinking. i certainly can't predict. you know, i've been talking to finance experts and lawmakers and saying, okay, so now we're shut down, where's the answer? what's the solution? nobody has one. which is kind of worrisome about how long this could last. right now they're not talking. this is the first day for a week that they haven't met in budget talk. secretive budget talks, they haven't told us what's going on behind closed doors, you know, they're going to have to start talking and somebody is going to have to start making major compromises and we just don't see the seeds for that yet. >> rachel, we'll continue following this and see what happens there in minnesota. here's hoping this is not what happens on a bigger scale come august 2nd. thank you very much, appreciate it. the defense rested its case and the prosecution was ready for its rebuttal, but an
3:24 pm
unexpected snag this morning hit the casey anthony murder trial. we'll have an update for you coming up. plus, nike just does it is, re-signing michael vick to an endorsement deal. what's behind their change of heart? huh. we'll be right back. and soft tacos? why don't we have both? [ male announcer ] old el paso. hard and soft tacos. ♪ feed your fiesta.
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time now for a check of some of our top stories here. first the casey anthony murder trial is back on track after it came to an abrupt halt earlier today. just as the case seemed to be in the final stretch, the judge unexpectedly called an indefinite recess to settle an argument over witness testimony in the prosecution's rebuttal. the judge previously said he expected testimony to end today, and for closing arguments to
3:27 pm
take place starting saturday morning. he's now warning attorneys they could be working through the weekend. the u.s. defense department has a new boss. leon panetta was sworn in today as the nation's 23rd defense secretary, he replaces robert gates who we saw retire yesterday. panetta previously worked as the chief at the cia and he won confirmation by the senate last week in a rare, unanimous vote. panetta's replacement at the cia will be general david petraeus, the current commander of u.s. forces in afghanistan. michael vick has a sponsor once again here, that being nike. the philadelphia eagles' controversial quarterback has signed an endorsement deal. while nike said they don't condone vick's past mistakes, they support the positive chains he's made to better himself off the field. nike severed ties with vick back in 2007 over his involvement in that dogfighting ring. now this -- >> very scary, especially when there's thousands of people that travel every day, especially
3:28 pm
what happened 9/11. >> it's not great, i know it, because anybody can go through it. >> well, one man did go through it, allegedly boarding a plane in new york without a proper boarding pass, and an invalid i.d. and trying to do it once again in los angeles. so, how did this passenger get through airport security twice that we know of? that's coming up.
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we first told you about this story just yesterday. allegedly this man was able to fly from new york all the way to los angeles on a virgin america flight without a proper boarding pass. it was expired. didn't even have his name on it or even being on the flight manifest, so that was last friday. but he wasn't actually arrested pweek. when he wasd of trying to pull the same stunt in los angeles. he was back in federal court today, let's go to cnn's sandra endo, who is calling the case. i know you were in the courtroom. what happened in today's hearing? >> reporter: well, brooke, i can tell you the alleged stow away, olajide noibi, just appeared here in federal court in los angeles, and he was dressed in street clothes shackled at the ankles and the wrist. the prosecution argued in front of the judge not to allow him any bail. he said -- the lawyer actually was saying that he's a flight risk, that he was no ties to los angeles. he does have family in georgia and michigan and also his homeland of nigeria, where he
3:32 pm
told fbi agents when he was arrested that he was planning to fly there actually next week. now, federal prosecutors also argued that he's a potential risk to the community, saying that he was using other people's identities, stolen boarding passes to try to fly across the country and to other cities for free. well, the defense lawyer argues that noibi, their client, says that he's very embarrassed by all this, all the media attention surrounding this case as well as the fact that noibi says he comes from a respectable family, apparently defense lawyers also talked to those family members in georgia and michigan as well. but the prosecution is not buying all this. they counter argued saying that when it comes to security, especially on flights and in the air, it's very serious. >> we have a very significant system set up to try to ensure the security at our airports, to try to secure security on planes
3:33 pm
that travel both here in the united states and internationally. anytime that there may be a breach, a perceived breach, something that may indicate there's a problem, that makes it a serious matter. >> reporter: now, the magistrate judge michael willner argued that there's not enough information here, they don't know where he's from, what he's doing, how stable his family ties are, so in court today, brooke, he did not grant bail and said down the road that any conditions further on would not include his ability to fly. brooke? >> i suppose that makes sense, sandra endo for me in los angeles. sandy, thank you very much. the royal newlyweds crossing the pond for their very first official overseas trip, and it's a warm welcome. look at this. if this warm welcome in canada is any sign, i'm thinking they're making a pretty good first impression. coming up next how the duchess of cambridge is dazzling the crowds, and who best to talk fashion than my dear friend who
3:34 pm
is getting miked up there monte durham, hey, monte, how are you? >> i am great, brooke. >> thanks for coming. >> how are you? >> we'll talk after the break, monte durham, stand by for all things fashion. but, first, i want to get to this, dr. sanjay gupta reporting about how the best fight against depression may be exercise. here's today's "human factor." >> reporter: dr. joseph maroon remembers the exact moment his life fell apart. >> i had a major personal train wreck. within the course of a week my father died, a marriage that was rocky ended, and i didn't have any reserve. i had to quit neurosurgery. >> reporter: death, divorce, depression, all of it happened in a matter of days. >> my mental processing was gone. i was -- rock bottom. i hit bottom. >> reporter: the crisis was so bad, dr. maroon contemplated suicide, but then came the opportunity.
3:35 pm
>> it was a phone call from a banker friend in wheeling, west virginia, who i think took pity on me and said, hey, joe, let's go for a run. >> reporter: your first response? >> my first, are you crazy? >> reporter: but he did go for that run. and he felt something go click. >> it was the first night that i slept in about four or five months. >> reporter: is that right? just getting a little bit of exercise, then? >> four times around, i slept. >> reporter: in fact, he was running so much he developed an overuse injury. so, dr. maroon started to bike and then swim, and slowly his depression began to fade. >> i started to feel strong again and was able to get back to neurosurgery, get back to my life. >> reporter: that's when he heard about triathlons. back then it was a new sport, still in its infancy. but he was hooked after his first race. you've done how many triathlons now? >> i've done 70 triathlons and
3:36 pm
seven ironman distance races. >> reporter: wow. came out here today and i didn't know if i could keep up with dr. maroon, and now that we've been exercisi exercising, still not sure. how much of this improvement in your life would you attribute to the fact that you really incorporated exercise into it? >> i just -- i know i wouldn't be here today if it weren't the case. it really saved me. well, you're going to be on the queen "k" highway -- >> reporter: dr. sanjay gupta, cnn, denver. ♪ hello sunshine, sweet as you can be ♪ [ female announcer ] wake up to sweetness with honey nut cheerios cereal. kissed with real honey. and the 100% natural whole grain oats can help lower your cholesterol. you are so sweet to me. bee happy. bee healthy. the man you've become. and you learned something along the way. about the world. and yourself.
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britain's royals are helping millions of people celebrate sytoday. the duke and duchess of cambridge attendedn:by citizens ceremonies in the commonwealth just this morning where they pledged their allegiance to queen elizabeth, william's grandmother. they were treated to a carriage ride, a 21-gun salute, and a fly-by from canadian military jets. wherever they go, the royal duo wherever they go, thkát yal duo reception. the crowds love them. i want you to just listen to prince william. >> catherine and i are also
3:40 pm
thrilled and excited about the prospect of the next eight days. especially of being part of the canadian family. it will be an adventure that we'll never forget. [ speaking french ] 6ñ >> royal watchers describing this qiví( as a home run, but princess catherine seems to have a special way with her well-wishers and her personal style is the talk of the town. the way of the world, everywhere she goes. i want to bring in to talk fashion my dear friend, a friend of our show, monte durham with tlc's "say yes to the dress
3:41 pm
atlanta." hello, thank you for coming on. >> yeah. yeah. the similarities here, catherine and you, there we go. we can just talk about it, there you go. >> we're the same size, too. let's talk about the dress, because i love, love, love this dress. three dress changes, first of all, yesterday, day one of their north american trip. >> amazing, beautiful. a note here that, beautiful, understated, classic, right above the knee, careful so when she steps off the steps when they're seated that there's nothing exposed that shouldn't be, so she's following world protocol, and a repurposing. this is the clutch she had when she greeted mrs. obama in the palace. >> do you know what, speaking of repurposing, which i love that about her, we've seen this bird print, it's amípl÷a2fs÷ -- >> yes. it's from a london designerm0yg was in the running for the wedding gown design. she didn't get it. >> she said, do you know what, i'll wear the dress a few times. >> like any woman, there are dresses that you'll pick up and throw on and you'll be photographed and you'll look great, and this happens to be one, andafaw)trj pulled her hai
3:42 pm
back casual, she's keeping with her total holook. >> the shoes, knq% >> 5'10". >> she's tall. >> she's the tallest heir to the throne. >> we've seen her in a lot of navy. >> navy is her favorite. the one thing about this is it's understated. you see very little jewelry on her. at wimbledon, her dress was beautiful, the white tiered dress was beautiful, she had a beautiful charm bracelet on, i couldn't read the monogram. but this is one of my favorites. look at that. fascinators, she's still doing that. yay for her. >> i'm told my andy massey, that it was her official monogram on the bracelet. that's what it was. >> i couldn't see in the photos and i was watching diligently. but very understated, not a lot of jewelry still. >> this is her more casual, because looking ahead, this is her first trip, at age, what is
3:43 pm
she, 30 years old, this is her first trip to the united states, once they're done with canada, they're heading to l.a., will we see her in jeans? >> i don't think so. i think she'll make everybody rise to the occasion in l.a. she's definitely star-studded material, and wherever she walks, there will be a red carpet. so, i think what's going to be interesting here is to see what she pulls out. she favors dresses. she loves jackets, and as you see, her clothes and always in a pump, i've yet to see her in a strappy sandal or open toe. >> i've seen her in a wedge. >> these conservative. >> back to this picture, if i want to buy this dress? >> gone, gone, gone, anything she's had, including this beautiful bag, gone. the minute she deplaned, she was on the way -- here she is going to board the plane, to go to canada, by the time she got to canada, it was gone. the luggage was standing by the plane, did you see them? >> i saw the bag. >> do you know what was more important than the luggage, the royal hairdresser was right there in tow with him, they have a photograph of him.
3:44 pm
>> what do you make of her hair? >> beautiful. >> down, long. >> very smooth, very polished, and you don't see a lot of curl to it. it's on the ends mainly. very flat and smooth and shiny. >> will we see a mistake, a fashion mistake? >> i don't think so, she hasn't shown one yet. >> how many people does she have helping her out? >> i would think -- i don't think she has a stylist, she's doing it on her own. she definitely has a hairdresser. but this is a woman that knows her place, you remember, at 29, going into this role, she's seasoned. she's made mistakes already. >> seasoned. what would you love to see her in? >> i would love to see her in a slinky, sexy, very much what her sister was wearing at the wedding. ska kate, do one, do it for monte. do it for monte! >> thank you for coming on. enjoy your wedding. now to this, you'll be watching cnn next week, right? >> i'm watching it every day.
3:45 pm
>> "t" minus seven, days to countdown to the end of the era as nasa prepares to pull the plug on the space shuttle program, cnn takes a look back 40 years and a $115 billion later. back in a moment with that. but, first, free money advice from the cnn help desk. >> time now for the help desk where we get answers to your financial questions. joining me this hour, greg m mcbride, and annette khalfani-cox, she's president of ask the money lisa asks, i recently lost my job and i can't pay my credit card. i've called the and they refuse to work with me to settle this, what is your advice, lynette? >> the best strategy for this individual is to get a third party involved and try to get help here. a nonprofit counseling agency is the route i would recommend. there's a lot of them out there. go for the ones that are hud approved credit counselors, at least you get a little bit of a safety net there somewhat to think about that somebody sort
3:46 pm
of blessed or looked at these organizations and tried to give you guidance about where to go. the thing, though, is that when you go to a credit counseling agency, if they're not going to negotiate on your behalf, you might have to go to one element of some credit counseling agencies which is a debt management program. typically those are the programs where you get the lowest interest rates. they sort of negotiate on your behalf with your creditor, and then you have a more affordable payment that you can make to the credit card company. >> right, a structured payment so you know what you'll be paying every month. bill in sacramento said, my mortgage is under water. my credit score's in the 800s. i've got no problems paying my bill. is there any program to help the financially responsible adjust the loan to the current value? it's a great question, because we talk a lot, greg, about the people that are under water and cannot pay the bills. what about the people who are responsible? >> well, there is a government program out there, bill, it's one that's designed for people like you that have made your payments on time, it's called h.a.r.p., home affordable refinancing program, what it's
3:47 pm
designed to do is facilitate refinancing for people that have been current on the payments but they have little equity or they're upside down as you are, this can help you get into a fixed-rate loan that may be out of an adjustable rate or just lower than what you're currently paying, free up money and the household budget every month, go to for the h.a.r.p. program, but you're barking up the wrong tree if you are expecting your lender to cut your loan if the value of your home has gone down. >> go to for help at any time. hey can i play with the toys ? sure, but let me get a little information first. for broccoli, say one. for toys, say two.
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3:52 pm
period. so why now? why call it quits now. from the time of its inception 40 years ago until the shuttles are retired, the program will have cost the american taxpayers just shy of $115 billion.
3:53 pm
that's less than $4 billion a year, a drop if that in federal budget. still, the problem is money. >> was it time? >> yes. and it's been time for some time to phase out of shuttle and go back to exploration. >> whether you hated it or hailed it, felt it a waste or worth it, the shuttle was an iconic flying machine that symbolized america's inspiration and ingenuity. >> and i hope you watch this with me. "the next frontier" sunday night 8:00 eastern right here on cnn. and looking to next week, i'll be joining my colleagues
3:54 pm
anderson cooper and john zarella for the final launch. atlantis lifting off on july 8. our coverage begins friday morning, 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. i'll see you then. coming up, just imagine the scene. empty arenas, stadium shutdowns with two of america's biggest sports now in jeopardy. it could become a reality. i'll speak with isiah thomas about today's lockout and whether next season can be salvaged. time to deploy the chex mix boring potato chip decoy bag. now no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting. so my old contact lenses would sometimes move out of place and blur my vision. my eye doctor said there's great news for people with astigmatism. acuvue® oasys for astigmatism. he said it's the only lens of its kind designed to realign naturally with every blink
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>> let's go to wolf blitzer in washingt washington. wolf, what do you have? >> brooke, thanks very much. one thing we're going to do later today, there's a chunk of the interview i did this week in chicago with former president bill clinton that hasn't aired yet. we're going to run that whole exchange because it's a good one on this accusation that a lot of republicans make against president obama that he's engaged in class warfare when he says he would like to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. president clinton feels very strongly on this issue and he insists it is not class warfare because the richest americans have done so well over the past 20, 30 years compared to other americans. and he goes through this whole experience that he had when he was in his first term when he
3:58 pm
did raise taxes, went up to 39.6%, the highest income bracket for the wealthiest americans during the bush administration went down to 35%. obama would like to see it go back up to that clinton level, 39.6%. it's a good exchange. i want our viewers to watch it. that's going to air today in our 6:00 p.m. eastern hour. it comes at a time when there is this huge debate over raising the debt ceiling. the treasury department is insisting the august 2 deadline is very real. it's not just an artificial deadline. they're not -- you should forgive the expression, crying wolf. if you know what i mean. they're seeing this would have catastrophic consequences. the pressure is clearly on to go forward. one addition flal thing we're watching, they had the quarter for fundraising for presidential candidates ended and all of us are anxious to know how much president obama who doesn't face a democratic primary opponent,
3:59 pm
how much he raised during this first quarter since he announced he's running for re-election, how much others raised. those numbers will slowly but surely come in. it will give us an indication of where it stands. many politics like so much else, money talks. >> how much is obama looking to collect? >> campaign advisers said he's hoping to raise $1 billion. other advisers say that number is way too high. you know, he doesn't even have an opponent for the nomination, for the democratic nomination but they're worried about having cash for the negative ads.
4:00 pm
>> now top of the hour, watch this. how far would the feeds go to catch a serial killer? i'm going to take you inside this chilling world and this daring secret operation within the walls of a maximum security prison. i'm brooke baldwin. the news is now. >> to get answers, it would take a risky unusual plan. send a convicted drug dealer undercover to befriend an alleged serial killer. >> there was no place to run, a place to hide. >> a monster tornado tears through a town and races through homes. >> one mother goes to drastic measures to save her family. right now, leon panetta is
4:01 pm
facing day one as defense secretary. but did you know? he's been vetted, cleared and cleaned. he goes by the name bravo. another pro sports league, another lockout. millionaires with dream jobs, arguing over money. will greed and power kill american pastimes? i'll ask basketball legend isiah thomas the tough questions, live. >> top of the hour here, hello once again. i'm brook baldwin. stunning turn of the events for dominique strauss kahn. he heard prosecutors announce their case is in trouble. they say the accuser, their main witness has a credibility problem. as a result, he's no longer under house arrest, but authority still do have the passport. he can't leave the country.
4:02 pm
i want to bring in our senior legal analyst jeffrey toobin. you have doubts this case will even go forward. why? >> it was an absolutely astonishing day. it went from a pretty strong dna-supported sexual assault case to a case hanging by a thread. the prosecutor said the accuser had lied in detail about many aspects of her past, including about her activities on the day of the alleged crime. this calls into question whether she can be used as a witness at all. if she can't be, there's no case to be brought here. >> i want to play some sound.
4:03 pm
let's hear, then we'll listen to him today. this is from may 19. >> these are extremely serious charges, based on the grand jury's determination that the evidence supports the commission of nonconsensual forced sexual acts. >> after the inviemt against the defendant was filed, we continueds a an office to investigate the case rig lousily as we do and are obligated to do. that investigation raised concerns about the complaining witness's credibility. >> so he comes out in play, says the evidence points to a rape absolutely having occurred. then he says this morning the accuser has this credibility problem. i'm still not hearing him or anyone else there say that a rape did not occur, are you? >> no. they did not say that a rape did not occur.
4:04 pm
and they have not dropped the case either the case is still spending, even though they have drastically reduced the bail conditions to no bail. dominique strauss-kahn is now released on his own recognizance. but there is a real question about whether this crime, if there was a crime, can be proved. nothing is a rape or an attempted rape until it's proved in court or someone pleaded guilty. now, there are occasions when crimes take place and the government simply can't put the proof together. that may be what happened here, but we don't call it a rape if someone is not convicted of it. >> obviously there's not an if when you hear from the accuser's attorney. he also came out and gave an extremely graphic account of what his client says was most definitely a rape. he gets up there, he accused cyrus vance of being scared to take on dominique strauss-kahn
4:05 pm
and his team of high-priced lawyers. let listen to him. >> our concern is that manhattan district attorney cy vance is too scared to try this case. we believe he's afraid he's going to lose this high-profile case like he lost recently the high-profile case brought against the two police officers who were accused of raping the woman who was drunk. and like he lost the two high-profile cases this week involving a deutsche bank fire in which two firefighters lost their lives. but the district attorney has an only case to stand up for this rape victim. >> so jeffrey toobin, sounds like he is saying, the manhattan d.a. must have concluded this case is a bad career move. is that what you heard as well? and why go there?
4:06 pm
what could the strategy be in saying that? >> well, i mean, it was really amazing press conference by ken thompson. he was extraordinarily graphic in claiming what happened. i think there are multiple agendas at work. here, he wants justice for his client. he wants to see -- he believes his client was horribly assaulted and he wants dominique strauss kahn to pay for it. he's also looking at the possibility of a civil lawsuit which could bring him and his client a great deal of money. that case would be a lot easier if dominique strauss kahn was convicted first. so there are multiple agendas at work and he's trying to help out his client. >> what a day. extraordinary developments to quote you, jeffrey toobin. thank you so much. and now, if it is interesting, it's happening right now. you're about to see it, rapid fire, let's go. los angeles, one of america's 15 most wanted fugitives has been brought to justice after nearly
4:07 pm
six years on the loose. suspected drug kingp keith hassn was taken into custody wednesday night. he was the leader of a nationwide drug trafficking ring that generated more than $20 million in cash and assets. the man accused of being a stou aw -- stow away on a u.s. cross-country flight has been denied bond. without any ties to the los angeles area and the lack of information about who his identity is, he needs more assurances before setting any kind of amount. the man originally from nigeria allegedly flew from new york's jfk without a proper boarding pass and also invalid identification. he wasn't arrest until earlier this week when he tried to get on an atlanta-bound flight without a boarding paz. nike says they don't condone michael vick's past mistakes,
4:08 pm
they support the positive changes he has made. nike did sever ties with vick over his involvement in that dog-fighting ring. texas police taking to the skies in a new way. listen to this -- the police department in arlington is testing these unmanned aircraft to help assist with law enforcement. remote controlled, this thing. battery operated. price tag for one of these things, $2,000 to $300,000. >> everything fall on top of us. >> taking drastic measures to save her family from a monster tornado, find out what happened ahead. plus, first football. now we're talking basketball. both in the middle of these bitter lockouts. while the millionaires are fighting away, regular americans, they've been having a little bit of a tough time
4:09 pm
paying the bills. we're asking could greed kill professional sports in america? up next, we'll speak live with nba hall-of-famer isiah thomas, don't miss this. ♪ ♪ look at that car, well, it goes fast ♪ ♪ givin' my dad a heart attack ♪ [ friend ] that is so awesome. ♪ i love my car [ engine revving ] [ male announcer ] that first chevy, yea, it gets under your skin. ♪ my son and i never missed opening day. but with copd making it hard to breathe, i thought those days might be over. so my doctor prescribed symbicort. it helps significantly improve my lung function, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. with symbicort, today i'm breathing better, and that means... game on!
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lockout means no practices, 2340 commune cases and no games. why else do is this? what else? money. isiah, good to have you on the phone. look, this is obviously very complicated fight. you have owners essentially saying players are getting paid too much money, teams are losing money. you' been on both sides of this. let me cut to the chase. is this really all about greed? >> it's about philosophy and more so, how do you split $4 billion? you can call it greed on one side or the other, but it appears that they're definitely
4:13 pm
philosophical differences. the players on the floor and the owners being the ones that pay for the players. there's a discrepancy in terms of how the dollar is split. the players are earning 57% of the dollar and the owners are taking 43 cents on the dollar. now, how do you divide that dollar? that's what they're trying to figure out right now. dwight howard with the orlando magic, plays in your state, tweeted pictures of himself, i don't know if you know what it is, planking. it's this thing folks are doing on the internet. this whole thing is going on. so when people look at these pictures. look at that, rolls royce. fans having sympathy for the players? not so much. >> well, that's always been the
4:14 pm
battle for the players. they need to win the media sper sepgs game. the hearts of the fans. right now, the perception of the players are they are being paid a lot. they enjoy a luxurious lifest e lifestyle. and most fans can't relate to the lifestyle the nba player is leading. however, on the other side of the table, you have to say that the nba player who is producing out on the floor, bringing the ratings to the game, you know, both sides of the argument that could be explained. however, the fan probably won't sympathize with the owner or the player in these tough economic times. >> i think if you're a fan of basketball, look, you love the nba, you love going to games,
4:15 pm
you know that this has been a huge, huge season. awesome playoffs, all the way through the games. ratings were up, buzz was up. but are both sides getting ready to be willing to throw the momentum away? >> it appears that has happened. the relation problems that will continue to occur during this lockout, the loss of fans, the loss of just good will that they've built up over the last couple of year, that will be thrown away. trying to come up with a new model and a new model of how they'll divide the revenue. when you look at what the nba is saying, the philosophical differences that they have is that they believe that the current system is structured that they're playing under that has a salary cap where they
4:16 pm
share revenues and they're partners in the game of basketball together. they're saying that model is severely broken. it doesn't guarantee them cost certainty. that's what they're looking for right now. the players on the other side are say iing that the model is working and they're asking players to protect them from themselves of going over. let me ask you about lebron james. here's my question, is he, along with other superstars, chris bosh, dwyane wade, all on the heat? just as an example. are they hurting the league by joining forces and going to big cities? >> actually, you know, the perception of that is that they are, however, i believe that
4:17 pm
perception is very inaccurate. if you look back over the history of the game, football and basketball, superstars have always tried to join forces, they've always tried to play with each other. and all the same players have always tried to get together and have tried to win championships. >> i think if you're a heat fan, you've enjoyed watching them play. do you think we're going to have a season this fall? yes or no? >> i think you're going to have a shortened season and i do believe that you could possibly miss the whole season. >> wow. isiah thomas on the phone with me. pleasure meeting you here on live tv. enjoy the weekend with your family. thank you. >> thank you. now this. here in the midwest, several young girls went missing. some were found murdered.
4:18 pm
others were never found at all. >> what a story this is. how far would the feds go to catch a suspected serial killer? i went inside this chilling world to find out. i'm telling you, this plan was dangerous, never been done before, daring, included sending a convicted drug dealer inside a prison under cover to get answers from a mad man. don't miss this next. soft! hard!
4:19 pm
soft! hard! [ male announcer ] how do you decide between crunchy and soft tacos? why don't we have both? [ male announcer ] old el paso. hard and soft tacos. ♪ feed your fiesta.
4:20 pm
>> listen to this story. a mother takes drast s drastic to protect her daughter. her family is now speaking out about this horrific experience. first take a look at the video. the twister hits springfield. this was back on june 1.
4:21 pm
>> there was no place to run or place to hide. >> a mother grabbed her dpaugter, threw her into the bathtub and jumped on top of her. her teenager survived, her mother did not. >> she run. our bed that was used to sleep on, she was sleeping. i don't know how she did it, but she pick it up. i couldn't run fast enough. she laid down on the bathtub. everything fell on top of us. i only hear her scream once. and that's it. i knew she was dead. >> crews say they haven't been able to salvage much, but they are helping the family pull photo albums from that destruction.
4:22 pm
and here's my preview of the hour-long documentary. jimmy keen was a hometown hero when he took a wrong turn into dealing drugs. he was sentenced to ten year, ruining his family names, his hopes for the future. keane was sent on this unusual undercover mission into a maximum security prison. his mission, to befriend a suspected serial killer and get information, a location of a body in order to be set free. watch this. >> convicted drug dealer jimmy keane was ten months into his sentence when he was brought into talk. >> it scared me. i thought it was some trick. >> keane watched as beaumont pushed a folder across the table. >> i saw a picture of a mutilated dead girl and i flipped the page and there was a different mutilated dead girl.
4:23 pm
>> and there was a portrait of tricia. >> i looked up and he said we need you to help with us this case. >> beaumont wanted him to go under cover, in his low security lock-up to a dangerous prison and to defriend alleged serial killer larry hall. >> he says if you can get solid confessions from him, and if you can help us locate the bodies that are still missing, we're willing to completely wash your record. >> keene's mission, to learn from trisha was buried. >> the purpose of this operation was to find that body. >> beaumont made it clear -- no body, no early release. keene would have to serve the rest of his ten-year sentence, but beaumont believed keene could do it. >> he's smart, articulate, not afraid. and i knew he wanted to get out. >> for keene, it was a chance at redemption, to restore his family name, and to get his life
4:24 pm
back on track. >> this deal was a way for him to get home, and it was also a way for him to do good. to take this bad thing he had done and somehow turn it back inside out. >> but it wouldn't be easy. >> fair to say, he was risking his life. he could have been dangerous. absolutely. >> it was highly risky. these places don't have anything better to do but try to hurt you and kill you, too. >> keen was unsure, but a phone call home put his doubts to tres. keene's stepmother said his father had suffered a stroke. >> she said he's in bad shape. we could lose him. >> keene needed to get home fast and there was only one way to make that happen. he had to face an alleged serial
4:25 pm
killer first. i decided you know what, however bizarre or far out or whatever this mission that beaumont wants me to go on, i'm going to do it. we're calling our documentary "to catch a serial killer." hope you tune in july 4, 10:00 p.m. eastern. just into us here at cnn, the white house releasing the salaries of everyone in the obama administration. did you hear me? everyone. so who's making the big bucks? hey! you want that? you want a warm, super-delicious strawberry toaster strudel yeah but now i have nothing to eat sure you do. hey! you can have the pop tart! pillsbury toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat
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4:28 pm
>> cnn equals politics. let's go to kate baldwin live on capitol hill. kate, let's talk about this new report. stat salaries at the white house, we're talking 450 people. talk to me. what kind of numbers are you seeing? >> talking a little bit of money a little bit of salary. this is an annual report the white house puts out of all the salaries of white house staff. and some of the people that are topping the salary list are probably familiar names to our political loving news junkies that are, of course, watching our shows. the white house press secretary, bill dailey, the president's chief of staff, valley jared, a top adviser to the president. those are among the people on the top of the salary list, making $172,200. on the other end of the spectrum, some employees making around $41,000.
4:29 pm
there are about 450 people listed in this report, and this is a report that is something that the white house has been required to do and to submit to congress on an annual basis since the mid 1990s. so some salary information for you as you head into the holiday weekend. but also another topic that has as much to do with politics as it does policy. the debt ceiling talks. they really have been stalled since the negotiations kind of broke down. they really don't have any indication at this moment that either side is ready to budge on its positioning. at this very same moment, we have been checking about meetings this. coming week. especially in light of the news that the senate has canceled its week-long break in order to stay in town to talk about these debt talks.
4:30 pm
still no meeting scheduled. the main negotiators here, republican leaders, democratic leaders and the white house. this also comes as democratic officials, brooke, are pushing for a more aggressive time line here. they're pushing that a deal be struck by july 22 at the end of this month in order to allow for time to actually write the legislation and get it approved by both chambers of congress. the houts and the senate in time for that august 2 deadline. the treasury once again today reconfirmed that that is the deadline, when the federal government will not be able to pay its bills and as they say could have catastrophic effects. but we will see how these negotiations continue next week. are you working the hol dpa. >> i may hit the drive through from time to time. forget the dollar menu, fast food joints are adding a new
4:31 pm
attraction to the menu. booze. find out which chains and for how much. that is coming pup .also this -- moammar gadhafi making a rare appearance and he's now saying the war may go to europe. plus, his daughter is also speaking out. find out why she says her father would work with the devil. who is the devil? live in triply with the answer next. e sad. oh common. and how can you talk to me about fiber while you are eating a candy bar? you enjoy that. i am. [ male announcer ] fiber beyond recognition. fiber one.
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4:34 pm
some fast food players are opening the taps and the shuttle program is getting ready for its final mission. i want to begin overseas in libya. david, gadhafi spoke today. anger in his voice, making a very, very specific threat, threatening europe. >> that's right, those images, a very large crowd, certainly the biggest we've seen in tripoli here. a day of anger, as he called it, and certainly as he said, he made a direct threat towards europe. he said because of the nato campaign here, that nato says is bombing targets to protect
4:35 pm
civilians, he's saying that they're going to target houses and families in europe. that it's a fair military target. it will be an eye for an eye. he likened the response of the libyian people to a swarm of locusts. we're hearing from his only daughter. she did an interview with french television and one of her quotes, we are ready to alie ourselves with the devil of the rebel army. what do you make of what she's saying now? >> there hasn't been any proof of direct talks with the rebels. devils, as she put it. not the best way to call the side of the conflict devils.
4:36 pm
so much rhetoric between these two sides. and people day i dying, it would be very difficult for them to sit down at a table right now. she said gadhafi is in his place, she called him a figure head and the rebels are saying the complete opposite, that he has to leave power, leave any kind of office if they're going to talk. >> next, allison, before i ask you going out for a cosmo with our whopper, let's look at the big board here. we see the dow up. it's been up the last couple of days. in fact, we were reading -- has this really been the best reek -- week in two years? >> it really has. the dow has soared 650 points. four of those five day, it had triple-digit gains and it's the
4:37 pm
best weekly point gain in almost a year. everyone is wondering why the dow did so well, that passage of greece's austerity measures also helped. we had one strong report on manufacturing today. all this helped to move that average much higher. you know what, i usually stay away from prognosticating. but i can guarantee this streak will not continue on monday. it's because wall street has taken a day off for the 4th of july. >> if you're selling booze, that's one way to try to get people coming in through the doors. >> exactly. it is. >> how many times do you walk into a fast food joint, having a brger and you want a beer. that's becoming more of an option. the fast food restaurants are trying to lure more customers in, especially in the evening hours. sop this really seems to be the tactic that works. we're seeing two sonic locations in florida are going to begin selling beer and win. but that liquor will not be
4:38 pm
served to customers who drive through. burger king, chipotle, starbucks are others that offer booze. but even the critics are coming out of the woodworks on this one. he said they're going to have a quick meal with a drink and get behind the wheel, that's concerning. others say it sends a wrong message to kids. and others say it's just going to promote more obesity. but i guess if you drink safely and have that burger safely you'll be okay. >> how can they even prove, if you're going through the drive through and you say i'm getting it for the passenger. i don't know. i have questions but i'll leave it there. next, countdown to history. the final shuttle mission ever. atlantis, scheduled to lift off next friday. we know the time, chad myers, because you and i are among the lucky few, fortunately few who actually get to go down there 11:26 in the morn, friday morning.
4:39 pm
>> the roads will be jammed. this will be watched by more people live than any other event ever from the space station. >> yeah, i think we were leaving our hotels at midnight because it is -- traffic is at a stand still to just go a couple of miles. it's hours and hours. >> you didn't know you're on anderson cooper the night before, did you? so you'll be -- you won't even be -- >> i won't go to bed. i'll be so excited. >> it's amazing to think that this is the last one. but it's amazing to think how fast these guy. 17,000 miles an hour. if all the shuttles, all started from the same spot and all kept going and going and going, all the shuttles only would have gone to jupiter. not even back. so these things go and go, but our space is so big, our solar system is so amazing, we have better things on the horizon than the shuttle.
4:40 pm
which is basically a delivery truck to the iss. now they can't deliver these big things anymore. >> yeah, wh enyou read the interview, they say it's about exploration, maybe getting to mars, life on other planets. it is exciting to think about exploration. very cool stuff. >> just another step for nasa. hope they do great with it. >> just to remind everyone, as we just want to do, don't forget to watch our coverage of the final shuttle launch next friday beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. and there is now a new man in charge of the pentagon. leon panetta, spending his first day on the job as defense secretary, but he's demanded to bring along something very close to him. a companion who actually had to be vetted and cleared and cleaned. joe johns has the scoop. that is next, but first, could you be living in one of america's laziest cities? you are if you live in one of men's health magazine's most --
4:41 pm
♪ i like to move it, move it >> -- the most exercise phobic places, rounding out the top five. folks are okay without hitting the gym in oklahoma. if you're in oklahoma city. next up, charleston, west virginia. oh, gosh, i lived there. once upon a time. not so worried about working out. coming in at number three on the health list of exercise phobic cities, the capital of magnolia state, jackson, mississippi. so who are the top two sedentary cities in the u.s.? think about it.
4:42 pm
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>> the list of the most exercise phobic cities in america. we told you it was oklahoma city, charles ston, west virginia, jackson, mississippi, you thought about it. who are the top two. so you have people not racing to the gym, indianapolis. and the number one most exercise phobic city in the u.s., they say you can lead a horse to the gym but you can't make them work out. it's the thoroughbred city, lexington, kentucky. and there you go. the top five most sedentary cities. let's talk dogs. i'm talking real dogs here like
4:45 pm
bo, the president's dog, and we've got another one to add to the list this afternoon. joe johns is here with the political pop. tell me b about whose dog this is and does this dog have top security clearance? >> well, yeah, in all honesty, this is not a truly new political dog, brooke. it's an old political dog that got a promotion. the dog's name is bravo. his owner is none other than the brand-new secretary of defense, leon panetta. now, panetta has been around this town for a long while and is zo has bravo. the people at the cia got to see him from time to time walking around the hallways. he got to sit in on the hearin s s so much so that he was described as the only dog with top security clearance. people at the pentagon are wondering if bravo is also going
4:46 pm
to come over from the cia to hang out with them for a while. >> we don't know for sure if he will or he won't. cute little pooch, by the way. we have a new candidate for the presidential nomination. a pretty colorful guy. not exactly a household name, though. who is he? >> no. congressman from michigan. he plays the guitar, likes to quote the lyrics of rock 'n roll bands. actually performed on fox news with mike hukabee. do we have that tape? ♪ i got some money got to get some shoes ♪ >> that's not bad. blue suede shoes they're doing there. he's supposed to make an announcement this weekend. yes, he has definitely
4:47 pm
considered a long shot. >> and finally here, i noticed this because the executive produce or "the situation room" they just so happen to be on a plane with you tell, with whom. >> this guy has a lot of buzz, all right? he has the debt ceiling negotiations looming. he also had some speculation swirling that he was looking to leave the job at treasury at some point. he was at the clinton global initiative event in chicago. >> tim geithner. >> right, tim geithner. and he got on a late flight, headed back to the nation's capital. someone said you caused quite a stir today. geithner was overheard responding yeah, and they'll get over it. the reason we know this is because cnn's own wolf blitzer
4:48 pm
was on the plane. little offhand remark there. treasury secretary geithner has had a very tough job over the past woup couple of years. >> but the kicker was he was sitting in coach. >> yeah, what's up with that? >> he's doing his part, saving a little cash. >> maybe the government says he's got to do that, or maybe he's every man. i don't know. it's one of those three. >> we kind of liked it. joe johns, who knew? thank you so much. and now this. >> fireworks can be bad. but wait until you see how bad. we'll talk fourth of july here coming up next. losing your chex mix too easily? time to deploy the chex mix boring potato chip decoy bag.
4:49 pm
now no one will want to steal the deliciousness. with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix is a bag of interesting.
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>> how dangerous are the fireworks the government would like you to see? >> five, four, three, two, one.
4:52 pm
>> oh, no, here comes little girls. stop laughing. happy fourth of july. hopefully this doesn't put a damper on your holiday. a.j. turn around. i can't see you laughing. this is the government's annual warning show in d.c. this is what you don't want happening. don't keep explosives near you. clearly, they're dangerous. but we played that video the other week and we just had to bring it back just because we can. i don't know what your plans are for the fourth of july. wolf, before we have talk, what are your plans monday night? >> i'm hoping that, you know, we'll be very, very high, far away from the fireworks, they'll be spectacular, we'll be able to enjoy them and celebrate america's independence on the fourth of july, which all of us should be doing. but not close to the fireworks because as you can see, they're very, very dangerous. twl's always somebody who gets hurt. it's very serious. . >> then after the fireworks, what are you doing? 10:00 p.m. eastern time?
4:53 pm
>> have a glass of white wine. i don't know. >> decaffeinated -- >> you're watching my documentary on cnn. >> oh, oh, of course. with a glass of white wine and decaffeinated capuchino. let me we mind our viewer, monday night, july 4, 10:00 p.m. eastern. >> will you tweet it in the. >> of course i will. >> this is the debut, right? >> this is the debut. this is my first ever hour long. i'm kind of excited. anyway, what are you excited about coming up in your show? >> we're going to update our viewers on the dominique strauss kahn decision. the prosecutor having to backtrack big time. other information we're getting on what's going on in al qaeda.
4:54 pm
we're goingo update our viewers on that. and finally, president final piece of my interview with former president bill clinton. this time he responds to republican accusations that he and president obama are engaged in what's called class warfare because they want to raise taxes on the wealthiest americans. i think our viewers will be interested in that part of the interview, which hasn't aired yet. got a lot of good stuff. >> calling more witnesses to the stand after this abrupt recess that happened this morning. they're targeting cindy anthony. in fact, they're trying to prove she lied. that's next. the bundler. let's say you need home and auto insurance. you give us your information once, online... [ whirring and beeping ] [ ding! ] and we give you a discount on both. sort of like two in one. how did you guys think of that? it just came to us.
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>> so here is a big question today in orlando. did casey anthony's mother lie on the stand to protect her daughter? new evidence points that way. what a morning this morning. really it's all about that she
4:57 pm
lie, did she not lie? prosecutors tried to call her honesty in question on the stand. did they succeed? >> i think they did, brooke. you're right. it was all about cindy anthony today. because we know that cindy anthony testified in the defense case that it was cindy anthony, she was the one who searched chloroform on the family computer on march 17 of 2008. why is that so important? because it directly contradicts the prosecution case that said casey anthony was home, looked up chloroform and used chloroform to make her daughter unconscious and then kill her using duct tape. well, cindy anthony's boss, not boss, but the person, general council and chief compliance officer of the health system that she works for got on the witness stand and put into evidence a lot of computer records indicating that cindy anthony on march 17, 2008, was at work. not only was she at work, she
4:58 pm
was on her computer at work. this, of course, flies in the face of her testimony that she wasn't at work, that she was at home conducting these computer searches. so i think it's pretty clear that the jury can make the inference that cindy anthony lied on the witness stand, perjured herself in an attempt to save her daughter from the death penalty, brooke. >> let's listen to some of that sound. former supervisor of cindy anthony's. this is what she said about the time frame in question. >> did ms. anthony during march of 2008 have the capability to work from home? >> no. >> could she log into her gentiva account from a happen top computer? >> no. >> could she log on to her gentiva account via a desk top or vpn account? >> no. >> so after that testimony, is
4:59 pm
there any question that cindy anthony perjured herself? >> you know, i would say that it is unlikely that a juror would think that she was telling the truth when she said that she was the person that conducted the chloroform searches on the home computer. another very, i think, important point that came up is that the prosecution's rebuttal case also called, his name is kevin stenger, a computer forensics person, and he testified that chloroform was not looked up and that hand sanitizer was not looked up. and that gentiva was not looked pup not chloroform, chlorophyll. and those are other things that cindy anthony claimed she looked for on march 17, 2008. interestingly enough, she also said that in terms of neck breaking, there's some evidence that neck breaking was looked up, the actualearch in


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